Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making Friends...Again...

I tried making friends, and I still do...

Sure I have friendly invintations from folks here and there, but compared to the bans, the cold shoulders and the anti-lizard sentiment I recieve everywhere else, the negatives are beginning to dampen my faith.

(Makes sad Lizard face)

So gang, I thought I'd start at the beginning. Maybe it was too bold of me to go out into the world, the merchants the elite, the letdowns (lindens) and the radio personalities...maybe they're just not ready for me yet. I decided I had to go somewhere to make an impression, and that place gang, was orientation island.

Of course! Nobody knows what to expect there, surely I would make friends, tell jokes and get along! Maybe I'd even find another Lizlady, perhaps I'd even meet a linden! Oh the joy!


Within minutes I am ridiculed "yer too laggy!" "shrink down yer gonna crash the sim!" "we don't need griefers here, go away, you'll ruin the experience," mind you all of these comments were coming from "mentors" at the waiting area. Needless to say, their comments were depressing, but I'm used to this refrain, so I let it roll off my scales.

However what I wasn't prepared for was the following:

Jolly Green Lizard: Hi! Wanna be friends! I can show you around all the cool places, and even take ya shopping for a bit! Come on it'll be fun!
Curiously Boobtastic Man: Um I don't make sex with lizards.
Jolly Green Lizard: Oh lol. I don't want sex, I just want a friend for the day!
Curiously Boobtastic Man: Oh. Um can you buy me a penis?
Jolly Green Lizard: Oh I can buy you 20! But I'd prefer to get you a new shape. Roflmao you kinda look a little chest heavy! I don't think I know of many men who wear bras!
Curiously Boobtastic Man: Its because I'm transgendered fucking moron! Jeezus. Stupid people really do come in big packages!

And then he left me.

Gang...I'm not a bad person I honestly didn't know that about this character. I read his/her profile and it seemed very ambigious, well it didn't have a word in there but how was I supposed to know he was a she!

(sobs lizard tears)...

Oh look I've soiled the whole purpose, but alas I come to the end of this post...

This has been the worst...okay well the 3rd worst day of 4 days blogging....


  1. Are lizard tears the same as crocodile tears?

  2. Ohhhhh there's just nothing worse than a sad SLizzard face. 'Cept maybe a sad mermaid face. I'm sorry you haven't been having much fun these past few days and really hope things pick up soon.